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Structure of Rumah Tiang Dua Belas

Kelantan architecture is heavily influenced by the architecture of Siam brought by traders through Sungai Golok. Due to the lack of influence of the West, the progress was very slow. Rumah Tiang Dua Belas is one of the two type long-roofed house in Kelantan.

Structural arrangement of the 12 main post in Rumah Tiang Dua Belas

This particular traditional house consist of 12 main post for the main house. 6 verandah posts and 6 long posts. Therefore it is called Twelve Posts House. 

It has a long roof where the ‘tebar layar’ (gable end) are fixed with ‘papan pemeleh’ (fascia boards). The top pair is called ‘pemeleh ibu’ (main fascia ibu) and the bottom pair is called ‘pemeleh serambi’ (verandah fascia board).

The roof of Rumah Tiang Dua Belas consist of 2 layered of roof

Floor Plan of Twelve Posts House

The twelve Posts house in its original form is made up of three main sections. That is, the rumah ibu (main house) which has serambi (veranda), the rumah tengah (central section) and the rumah dapur (kitchen). The central section and kitchen are not sub-divided into rooms.

i. Serambi (Verandah)
Anjung is a Malay term that refers to the space fusion (external and internal space) in Kelantan traditional Architecture.

ii. Rumah Ibu (Main House)
Named after the great responsibility of a mother who plays an important role in the house. Acts similarly to the living room found in the modern day.

ii. Rumah Tengah (Central Section)
Place for resting of the whole family & function as welcoming guests.

iv. Rumah Dapur (Kitchen)
Divided into 2 parts, 1 part for cooking and the other part for eating place for the whole family and close guests. Cannot be used for guests with higher status in which their place to eat is at the living room in Rumah Ibu.

v. Selasar (Passageway)
Connection in between spaces in the house & place of gathering on a normal day for the family to rest and socializing with each others. There is also the wet floor are or unroofed passageway that divides the main house from kitchn. If this are is fitted with a roof, it is then called a selasar.

vi. Jemuran (Laundry)
Unroofed space connected with selasar (passageway). Place for drying clothes, paddy, asam gelugur (dried tamarind), fish, tapioca. Also act as resting place as it is an open air.

 Photographs of the Twelve Posts House in Melaka.

Front Elevation of Rumah Tiang 12 in Taman Mini Malaysia (Rumah Kelantan)
Rear Elevation of Rumah Tiang 12 in Taman Mini Malaysia (Rumah Kelantan)
Left Elevation of Rumah Tiang 12 in Taman Mini Malaysia (Rumah Kelantan)
Right Elevation of Rumah Tiang 12 in Taman Mini Malaysia (Rumah Kelanta

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